Speaking and Storytelling with Scott Monty and Peter Shankman

The time has come to add "paid public speaker" to your resume. Fortune 50 Storyteller Scott Monty and Global Keynote Speaker Peter Shankman are here to show you how in this engaging, energetic, and knowledge-filled course that will take your speaking game to the next level and beyond — including giving you actionable information from event planners, lawyers, and other experts in the speaking industry.

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Six Reasons to take this course and add "Paid Public Speaker" to your resume:

  • The World Needs Great Storytellers: Anyone can regurgitate facts. Storytellers captivate audiences. And great storytellers are in higher demand than ever before.
  • Word of Mouth like Nothing Else: Once people hear you speak, they're going to recommend you over and over again. 
  • Stages Will Come Back, but Digital Conferences Will Continue to Grow: It's predicted that in-person conferences will return by late '21, early '22. But digital conferences are dominating and won't be disappearing, which means countless new revenue-generating speaking opportunities for you — but only if you know how to prepare yourself for them.
  • "Mini-Conferences" will be the new normal: It's no longer going to be about competing for keynotes at the top 50 conferences. There are tens of thousands of new events, all looking for speakers. Here's a chance to rise above the competition.
  • Less Travel, More Speaking: Instead of one speech bookmarked by two days of travel, you'll be able to land paid speaking gigs multiple times a day — more time to focus on what you're really good at.
  • Teach Everything You Know, and Get Paid for Doing It: Now more than ever, a "side hustle" isn't just optional, it's mandatory. Why shouldn't you get paid for teaching the things you know better than everyone else?
  • Bonus reason: For a limited time, lifetime access is only $399! (Half off!)

In-Person Answers and Advice

Comment on anything you learn in any of the lessons, and Scott or Peter will reply to the comments with their feedback. It's like being in a live classroom!

Learn from a Community

Learn from others who have taken this course in an online community that includes feedback and member connections. The collective intelligence alone is worth it.

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Between them, Scott and Peter have keynoted over 4,000 times.
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What you'll learn from Scott and Peter's Speaking and Storytelling Course:

Let's be honest: You know things others don't, and you want to share what you know. This is the year you become a better speaker and storyteller, and get paid for all that knowledge you share.

1. Six Lessons To Increase Your Speaking Revenue

Six individual video lessons you can study at your own pace, as many times as you like. Your purchase gives you lifetime access to Scott and Peter's speaking and storytelling course.

2. Don't Just Talk. Tell Stories.

During this course, you'll learn how to take what you know and turn that knowledge into engaging stories that will captivate your audiences, making you an in-demand speaker.

3. Learn to Understand Your Audience

Each audience is different. In Scott and Peter's course, you'll learn tricks and hacks to learn about your audience before you even walk on the stage. Your audience will give you the information you need to customize your speech as you're walking onto the stage!

4. Learn Timing and Humor

Ask anyone what makes a great speaker and storyteller, they'll always bring up timing and humor. In this course, you'll learn both, when to use them, and just as important, when... not to. (See what we did there?)

5. Learn to Learn from Your Previous Engagements

You'll learn how to listen to every speech you give and spot ways to continually improve for next time. It's the hallmark of a professional speaker.

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Lifetime Access for only $399 (Half off!)

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